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[the optimal time that when bird’s nest drinks best _ to drink bird’s nest] – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

A lot of people are to have the habit that has bird’s nest, also know bird’s nest is very delicate, and of mouthfeel glutinous glutinous, mouthfeel is very delicious also, slip tender very sweet alcohol, bird’s nest can eat when the choice is hollow commonly, be in commonly hollow 15 after arriving 30 minutes, before eating a few other edibles to perhaps suggest you sleep again, eat, so OK better hairdressing, and still can raise colour, the mainest is exchange part body, stimulative skin health is very helpful.

When is bird's nest drunk best

Drink the optimal time of bird’s nest

Saying strictly is hollow eat best, absorb optimal, hollow the 15-30 after eating just eats other food after minute. If face,bird’s nest takes before sleeping, the proposal faces before sleeping half hour to eat, such midnight just can not rise to use the toilet and affect Morpheus. It is the optimal time that takes bird’s nest below: Saying strictly is hollow eat best,

Came at 23 o’clock in the evening before dawn at 1 o’clock: Advocate protect hematopoiesis, before dawn to came at 1 o’clock at 3 o’clock: Advocate protect liver, before dawn came at 3 o’clock at 7 o’clock:

Advocate protect lung. Must notice here, optimal time is to point to draw time, must be so before the 2-3 hour of this time edible, if liquid criterion half hours ago can.

When is bird's nest drunk best

In addition, looking is outside wanting to be aimed at the function of the system that enhances which respect, return so that be like,use relevant spice slightly: The tendril-leaved fritillary bulb of red jujube, medlar, longan, Chinese caterpillar fungus, ginseng that spend a banner effect that so that achieve place to want,assists. Be in country of origin of our bird’s nest, bird’s nest is a ferial and common sweetmeats, did not divide when paragraph, but because it is high-grade nutrient food, so average person suggests to be in hollow when edible did not achieve better absorption.

When is bird's nest drunk best

The action that edible bird’s nest wants to achieve preserve one’s health every time deal (dry bird’s nest) 3 grams – 5 grams are enough supply human body one day the nutrition that needs to be absorbed from inside bird’s nest. Just make great efforts in burden respect as to seasonal transformation. According to the knowledge of Chinese preserve one’s health, according to Chun Xiaqiu winter each season adds up to burden of comfortable seasonal preserve one’s health in the collocation in bird’s nest with period the effect of health care of preserve one’s health with let bird’s nest achieve better.

A kind of distinctive protein is contained in bird’s nest enzymatic since ancient times up to now bird’s nest is rare natural and alimentary the emperor that raise lung is tasted. Bird’s nest is food of preserve one’s health of alimentary health care, the gain with the biggest to the woman bird’s nest is raising lung is to raise next colour. The man takes the biggest advantage is raising lung is to raise kidney next.

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