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[sweet the practice of bean jelly] encyclopedia of practice of _ of the _ method that make – net of people preserve one’s health

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In the bean jelly on diet to a lot of people it is a commonner cate, and the making method of bean jelly is simple, and the practice is various, way of avery kind of is exceedingly nice, and sweet bean jelly also is a kind of commonner practice, white bean jelly can be put after the candy rock candy and fruit flavour undertakes melting, when after white bean jelly is cooling OK edible, also can put a few flavoring to undertake flavorring.

 Sweet the practice of bean jelly

Sweet what is the practice of bean jelly?

Cantaloup flavour bean jelly


One smaller part includes white bean jelly 25 grams, cantaloup confiture 5 grams, water a jin half, rock candy 3 two


1, good smaller part includes white bean jelly, add water a jin half, cantaloup confiture 5 grams, next an agitate good;

2, enter after agitate is good boil in boiler, boil at the same time at the same time agitate, boiled till water, boil 3 minutes again.

3, arrive next dish in, when it is completely cold, can cut diamonds.

4, the final rock candy that boil 3 2, put a bowl of water to boil, boil it is OK to was changed, put freezer together with bean jelly again. (Do not like sweet also need not put) ,

 Sweet the practice of bean jelly

Abstain gram bean jelly


Gram starch, water, scale is pink, the water that distributes 5-6 share (attention: It is capacity comparing, not be weight comparing) .


Course of action one:

1, in pouring gram powder skillet, add cold water, mix is even.

2, set pot small fire to go up to heat slowly, use a chopstick to delimit toward same way at the same time circle, inchoate moment is OK a few slower (do not want occurrence precipitation can) , when water begins effervescent bubble, delimit the speed of the circle is about a bit faster.

3, effervescent hind probably agitate 1-2 or so minutes, in seeing pot, appear starchy, and burnt paste begins to shine, can involve fire. Can cool in boiler directly, perhaps enter shape inside container. When refrigeration, begin to be able to put recipient in cold water, put freezer next.

With this practice similar is to be able to use a water to move gram pink wet into the oar, heat the rest water next. In resembling gram pink oar ticking off Gorgon euryale to add boiled water slowly euqally later, edge border agitate becomes paste, next from the back measure is Alexandrine.

Course of action 2:

1, this way is similar strong lotus root starch, suit to do a few bean jelly () of 2 people portion. If want to do,use square one, temperature is otherwise insufficient.

2, with a few water (as far as possible little) move gram pink wet into the oar. Heat the rest water.

3, in pouring boiled water gram pink oar slowly, the edge pours an edge to use spoon day quickly agitate of a direction.

4, agitate can stay a hand mushily to paste, make its cooling shape. Same, when refrigeration, begin to be able to put recipient in cold water, put freezer next.

The daily life of a family mixes bean jelly

Material: Bean jelly, green pepper, garlic valve, ripe pignut, caraway, unripe smoke, vinegar, candy, salt, balm

Practice: 1, take small bowl, put end of the garlic powder that has cut, caraway, green pepper, put after unripe smoke, candy, salt, balm, mix is even.

2, take bean jelly right amount, move with cold water first, in boiling water bowl is being put after, boil mushy, take out, make its nature cooling and caky. Also can move into with boiled water directly mushy.

3, take caky good bean jelly, the person that cut Ding Huo according to his be fond of is cut, drench the sauce makings of mix up go up in bean jelly, mix is even.

4, scatter finally on ripe pignut, can leave ate. Like those who have chili to still can add a bit chili or chili is oily.

 Sweet the practice of bean jelly

Mango bean jelly

Material: Bean jelly, mango, white sugar, clear water

Practice: 1, in putting bean jelly clean small bowl, join a few white sugar, put cold boiled water next, agitate dissolves to bean jelly and candy.

2, skillet adds water to be burned, slowly the bean jelly that left into tone, continue to boil, the edge boils edge agitate, to the liquid in boiler complete gelatinization.

3, in putting the bean jelly that has boiled clean recipient again, put cool hind the cold storage in putting freezer.

4, the will agglomerate bean jelly when edible is taken out, cut small with the knife, also cut mango small again, mix be in, rejoin milk perhaps put syrup on the ice to be able to eat.

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