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[palace neck should take antiphlogistic drug after supersonic cure] _ of _ uterus cure is affected – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The female’s uterus is a very flimsy place, and common female uterus disease has cancer of neck of palace neck debaucjed, palace to wait. Can see from these diseases palace neck of the female is very incidental problem, because palace neck catchs the female’s vagina one after another continuously, once the vagina produces a bacterium,so infection can affect the health of palace neck directly. And palace neck is supersonic a kind of when treat even if treat palace neck disease special method, but neck of some time a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is supersonic after cure, palace neck of the female can produce inflammation, can you take antiphlogistic drug at that time so?

 Should palace neck take antiphlogistic drug after supersonic cure

Can take some of antiphlogistic drug, if have,haemorrhage also can take some of hemostatic drug. The need inside a month stands a room.

Supersonic focusing has good constituent penetrability, polarization and energy to put accumulate a gender, ultrasonic action within the organization, use the biologic effect such as its fuel factor, mechanical effect, cavitation effect, make pathological changes is organized draw energy and warm up quickly, produce biochemical reaction, make pathological changes organizes metamorphic, stimulative organization to rebuild to improve and achieve remedial goal with small loop finally. Ultrasonic is penetrable the energy when human body is very low, in the area beyond the focus won’t normal to human body organization causes any harm. This is a kind of brand-new cure mode: By in outward cure disease, maintain surface layer organization to not have again achieve.

 Should palace neck take antiphlogistic drug after supersonic cure

Supersonic cure is one kind is not had achieve cure (or call blame invade cure) new technology, be in namely dissection without the operation or be excised or destroy the surface to organize (the skin, mucous membrane or epithelial tissue) and did not pass puncture, the organization of dark to the surface side has treatment.

Limits of diagnosis and treatment

Chronic palace neck pathological changes of white of phlogistic, vulva (vulva day shift, vulva is hidebound) , acuteness wet wart (be aimed at many acuteness wet wart especially) , vulva Sao is urticant etc.

Supersonic focusing knife advantage

 Should palace neck take antiphlogistic drug after supersonic cure

1, by in outward brand-new without achieve remedial mode, supersonic department of gynaecology treats focusing of global original creation new idea;

2, the focusing of banner world is supersonic department of gynaecology treats a technology, professional design, location is exact, curative effect is magical;

3, Sao of pathological changes of white of vulva of disease of dense of original creation department of gynaecology, vulva is urticant brand-new remedial method;

4, optimize program of phlogistic treatment of chronic palace neck in the round, general illuminate can achieve remedial purpose; namely

5, can effect a radical cure the gender treats acuteness wet wart, without scar, do not affect the life, restore fast;

6, clinical application is not had achieve and efficient, security is extremely high, small side effect, low recrudesce is led.

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