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Article introduction

A lot of people do not understand wheat ear, this is one kind cuts same cooked wheaten food like the knife, its way is simpler, want to knead flour into bright and clean dough above all, pull next together, hold the figure of thin Bao Kuankuan, water is heated in such boiler, leave boiler next inside, after thoroughlying cook. Prepare right amount dressing again, OK edible, wheat ear is a kind of cooked wheaten food with the commonner southwest such as abide by justice, we come specific the way that sees it.

The practice encyclopedia of wheat ear

The practice encyclopedia of wheat ear

Feed material to use makings: Flour 250 grams, water right amount, potato 2, old pickles is right amount, small garlic is right amount, oily right amount, salt one spoon, gourmet powder one spoon, chicken essence spoon of one spoon, white sugar half

The practice encyclopedia of wheat ear

1. flour adds water, make it dough, press into the circle, grow with rolling pole roll piece, an oil is brushed in tray, face piece puts tray in, it is again on face piece brush an oil.

2. potato flay, abluent stripping and slicing, put water is added to precipitate the starch that is contained in potato in the bowl.

3. small garlic is abluent, pat with the knife flat, reserve

Oil is put in 4. boiler, old pickles is fried below smoke of the Mao Qing that wait for oil sweet, next small garlic are fried sweet. Water is added in boiler.

5. water burned potato piece, boil the potato in boiler must ripe degree, ordinal add salt, gourmet powder, gallinaceous essence, white sugar, taste gustation to, the face in tray piece pull full-length film. Conflagration is boiled control to about ten minutes, boiler installs a bowl since.

Practice 2

1, wheat ear is make it of wheat noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, resemble wheat noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch so money is good like flour. Attention: Cannot knead blackly like flour dry. Want a little many bits of water, profit drop has a soft spots, delicious

2, burden: Head of head of old pickles of tomato of potato kidney bean (this other place is not black good buy, bought in Na Chuan black more)

The practice encyclopedia of wheat ear

3, cheer fry one haing old pickles, tomato adds water to add water to follow next noodle next about the same, oneself hold ~~~~

Next water opens be buried beans, kidney bean, cook proper time, begin to pull face piece, lose in water with respect to OK, put salt next, gallinaceous essence, next OK, boiler scatters bit of green since child, condiments is put in him bowl, chili of what. Next slowly

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