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[pregnant woman can eat garlic Chengdu scallop] _ is pregnant _ can eat – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Be pregnant is a lot of females work hard of metropolis experience already divine period. Want to experience long equipment pregnant preparation not only before be pregnant, the be pregnant pain that experiences 10 months even when be pregnant and pregnant celestial bodies react. Come to the schoolgirl of pregnancy especially say, for the health of oneself and child, should avoid to do a few intense exercise, and a lot of food are should by taboo. So can pregnant woman eat garlic Chengdu scallop?

Can pregnant woman eat garlic Chengdu scallop

Can scallop pregnant woman eat

Pregnant woman can eat some of scallop appropriately.

Scallop is relatively precious seafood, its flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, have compensatory protein, reduce the cholesterol, be good at taste, effect that raises Yan Meirong, gently mood to wait, the it is certain to have benefit that pregnant woman feeds, especially pregnant is terminal, on the low side of the albumen inside pregnant woman body, right now proper edible a few scallop, can complement rich protein.

But pregnant woman cannot be fed more, scallop belongs to cool sex food, and many heavy metal is contained inside body, feed more can cause pregnant woman intestines and stomach unwell, heavy metal is deposit inside body, those who affect baby is neurological.

Can pregnant woman eat garlic Chengdu scallop

Scallop of pregnant woman edible (bright) no-no

1, the pregnant woman Ying Shen of the following circumstance feeds:

(The pregnant woman that 1) has gouty disease is unfavorable edible.

(2) scallop is hair content, ying Shen feeds the pregnant woman that has old trouble.

(3) scallop is cool sex food, ying Shen feeds the pregnant woman with taste cold empty.

(4) conflicts to avoid medicaments, the pregnant woman Ying Shen that taking medicaments is fed, follow the doctor’s advice edible.

2, pregnant woman cannot eat scallop more, one day eats 50g at most, it is 5 are controlled probably.

(1) scallop contains a lot ofprotein, excessive edible can affect the digestive function of taste, bring about dyspepsia.

(2) scallop sex is cool, feed more can let pregnant woman catch cold catch cold and intestines and stomach is unwell.

(3) scallop is hair content, feed a likelihood to cause rash or old disease more.

Can pregnant woman eat garlic Chengdu scallop

3, pregnant woman does not want the fan shell with not not abluent, squashy edible.

Many bacterium, helminth is contained to wait in not not abluent, squashy scallop, edible may be infected on the disease such as hepatitis.

4, when pregnant woman eats scallop, should not be eat together with the following food:

(1) does not eat contain the provision with much tannic acid, can bring about diarrhoea. E.g. orange, persimmon, tea.

(2) does not eat contain the provision with vitamin tall C, can bring about toxic, for instance orange, yangtao, VC piece etc.

5, the following place of scallop is unfavorable edible:

(1) does not eat distributing inside all round flesh of collect flesh, this kind of flesh is gules, feel very soft.

(What 2) does not eat scallop is splanchnic with slimy bowel. The bowel of splanchnic, mud of scallop is inspiratory much harmful material, pregnant woman edible can cause toxin deposit, cause toxic.

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