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[the practice of aspic yoghurt ice cream] how does _ do _ – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

In the life a lot of people like to eat aspic yoghurt, because aspic yoghurt eats,be in the mouth icy and icy, resemble eating ice-cream same, also have a few people ice cream of make it of yoghurt of meeting general aspic, such is in summer when special go heat, but this kind fastfood often can not eat, often eat probable meeting to cause a burden to cause diarrhoea to function of intestines and stomach, so what way does aspic yoghurt ice cream have?

The practice of aspic yoghurt ice cream

Ice-cream, ice cream, it is the sweet food that a kind of refrigerant grandma makes, one of food of the disappear heat with common summer. In its simplest form, ice cream is to use common provision (milk, cheese, butter) mix the icy provision that makes with a few sweetmeats and other flavoring. The need after mixing them together goes to environmental thermal drop very low, one kind compares loose form and be being formed in order to ensure is not a large ice cube. The ice cream that industry makes is the park of infuse of ice cream liquid that will mixed commonly in the mould of mixture glacial salt, mixture glacial salt is in melting process, will absorb much heat, can the very convenient liquid that will made is refrigerant into ice cream. Code of American federal provision is decided, 10% what the butter in the component of ice cream attachs most importance to a quantity at least.

Ice-cream (Ice Cream) , be with drinking water, milk, milk powder, butter (or vegetable oil) , sugar for main raw material, join right amount additive agent for food, via mixing, sterilization, all qualitative, ageing, coagulate aspic, sclerotic the refrigerant food that the bulk that wait for craft and makes expands.

The practice of aspic yoghurt ice cream

The disappear heat food with ice-cream exquisite, silky, cool and refreshing mouthfeel, it is a kind of high-grade epispastic ice cream.

Yoke 3, saccharic and right amount, bright grandma or weak grandma 200 milliliter, yoghurt 500 milliliter.

The practice of aspic yoghurt ice cream

The method that make:

1, yoke adds candy to be hit to grandma white; to suckle delicacy subsequently, boil with small fire bubble to boiler edge, enter the yoke that dismiss slowly, mix again divide evenly;

2, in falling agitate content cook again, small fire is boiled to thick stiff, otherwise stops agitate, boil about 15 minutes, till the wooden spoon the reverse side can stick a; of ice cream oar

3, put cool hind mix into yoghurt divide evenly;

4, refrigerant 40 minutes, the pine is hit with dynamoelectric eggbeater after be being taken out, again refrigerant; repeats measure according to the circumstance. When eating, can drench on the conserve that chocolate sauce or oneself like.

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