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[which place cannot eat scallop? ] edible of _ of _ food contraindication is no-no – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

The dietary habit of a lot of people is bad, long if food is wrong, classics regular meeting appears ailment of a few stomach, such patient should eat more a few can be good at lienal the food with the stomach, this includes scallop among them, scallop suits those taste weakling to eat particularly, additionally females love the United States very much, eat a few scallop more, can rise to raise Yan Hufu’s action, eat scallop to still can fight cancer to prevent cancer to wait a moment additionally, so the which place of scallop is inedible?

Which place cannot eat scallop?

Which place cannot eat scallop?

1, gizzard: Gizzard is the splanchnic part of scallop, go up namely that thing of round black in the circle in the graph, this splanchnic must keep clear of to just go completely entirely, scallop is completely inside mix not digestive food.

2, cheek: Again below those tangerine or orange color, place of the capillary that show cilia is the cheek of scallop, it also is one of inedible place, want take out.

3, skirt edge: Most the place of the shape side the white skirt of below is eatable, cold and dressed with sauce is used after scald water taste is very good.

Which place cannot eat scallop?

Eat scallop what to drink wine

In western cookbook, scallop normally processing means is to pass butter fry in shallow oil to make, perhaps wrap on biscuit pink a blast. Match normally when edible with doing white wine partly.

Do scallop to want to put white wine, this method sounds fresh, still have certain dietetics basis actually.

The much not saturated fatty acid that contains in scallop flesh oxidizes easily when cook, and contain in white wine refuse oxidation class status richly, the union of both more benefit is divided at making sure the nutrition of scallop is become not prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, and, white wine fries scallop to return the sea fishy smell of scallop of can effective purify.

How is scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch done

Feed capable person:

Scallop 6 dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 1 small

Garlic 12 valve shallot a young red any of several hot spice plants 1

Use makings 2(sauce)

Cooking wine of big spoon of vegetable oil 2-3 2 big spoon

Salt and gallinaceous essence are right amount oil of evaporate fish Chi 1 big spoon

Tool: Coil the chopstick of vermicelli made from bean starch

scallop one divides into two, use conch inside and outside brush clean down again.

Splanchnic sand includes take out black, those who remain clean clean,

Edge part washs skirt clean to also can eat, mind also but purify.

Which place cannot eat scallop?

Can leave the scallop Huang Er of shellfish flesh and yellow only.

After be being washed clean, be such.

Remain shellfish flesh and scallop to fizzle out.

Get off shellfish flesh carefully with the knife, put into small bowl,

Join salt and cooking wine or bishop souse to go down to divide fishy smell.

Garlic presses garlic Chengdu to load a bowl with the clamp that press garlic in,

Cut shallot the flower, red any of several hot spice plants is cut Xiao filament

Into the bubble in hot water vermicelli made from bean starch a few minutes come soft

Coil vermicelli made from bean starch with the chopstick the shop is in scallop bottom

Shellfish is placed above vermicelli made from bean starch the flesh

Boiler burns heat into oil, mix garlic Chengdu is fried sweet

Fry garlic Chengdu flaxen hind fill in the bowl,

Transfer into salt and oil of evaporate fish Chi and gallinaceous essence mix divide evenly.

garlic Chengdu the shop is above shellfish flesh,

Drench less bit of blast the oil of garlic Chengdu above

Put fan shell in the evaporate in a pot for steaming food 56 minutes

Give boiler next.

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