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Contemporary answer does doubt Piao frequent seminal emission follow epididymis phlogistic about? – flying Hua Jiankang net

Seminal emission is not unfamiliar to the man, now and then attribute normal phenomenon 9 times, but ifFrequent seminal emission, abnormal, the likelihood is the semiotic expression of some kind of disease, and epididymis is phlogistic one of common diseases that cause frequent seminal emission namely.

Epididymis is phlogistic it is the common disease in infection of male reproduction system, see more at in youth, when all sorts of reasons bring about oneself resistance to reduce, bacterium of cause of disease can take the chance to invade epididymis to cause inflammation. Expression is scrotal place abrupt sex is aching, epididymis strut, tenderness is apparent, can accompany have calorific, epididymis scleroma.

Expert introduction: Epididymis is phlogistic make genital place regularHyperaemia, centre of spinal cord ejaculation shows pathology eroticism and cause seminal emission number frequent, besides epididymis phlogistic beyond, wrapping is phlogistic, Wrapping is too longThe wrapping glans that cause is phlogistic, Prostatitis, the stimulation of the genital inflammation such as phlogistic, urethritis also meets seminal vesicle make the penis erects easily and produce seminal emission.

The expert reminds: The inflammation of epididymis can affect spermatozoon maturity, make the be fertilized ability of spermatozoon drops, inflammation also can bring about epididymis canal to jam, affect the output of spermatozoon, these metropolises are causedThe male not Yo, and frequent seminal emission can make the demote below male exhaustion, memory is endangered, should appear so when these two kinds of symptoms, answer to be treated in time.

  Frequent seminal emission may be to like to bending over to sleep the disaster that cause

Bending over for a long time to sleep can oppressive scrotum, stimulate the penis, cause frequent seminal emission easily. Frequent seminal emission can bring about dizziness, Backache, TiredFaint, attention is not centered, serious word still can affect regular job and life. The youth provokes reaction to the penis originally sensitive, should not adopt this kind to sleep more appearance. Still have, the person of frequent seminal emission also should be careful this kind sleeps appearance accentuation illness.

So, should adopt what kind ofly to sleep has been appearance compared? Sleep the principle of appearance is not oppressive and splanchnic organ, be helpful for resting. Proposal man is adopted lie on one’s back or right side position sleeps appearance, such both neither are oppressive and scrotal, not oppressive also heart (left lie a can oppressive heart) , best to the body.

   Bring about motion of boy seminal emission to had measured big factor

After athletic intensity causes excessive exhaustion greatly, be in especially when entering Morpheus, pallium inhibition increases, erect of centre and ejaculation centre stimulant increase, produce seminal emission. Additionally motion can make blood is accelerated circularly, the function of each organ also enhances airframe subsequently, the blood that sheds the point such as classics spermary, prostate, seminal vesicle increases, cause spermatozoon and prostate fluid increase, and the seminal emission that cause.

There is the attrition of tight motion pants as a result of athletic appliance when motion, also can bring about seminal emission. Some kid are more sensitive to the gender, when some kind of motion is being made in motion, meeting hair natural disposition associates, cause sexual impulse thereby.

Linyi is contemporary male division expert points out: The seminal emission after most person moves attributes normal phenomenon, need not be anxious somewhat and apprehension. Seminal emission frequency has a bit after motion increase, also won’t cause to the body damage. If because garment pants causes attrition too closely to cause seminal emission,be, should wear with a bit a few more comfortable garment pants, ease friction, seminal emission can decrease.

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