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How children nephrosis syndrome should be reasonable food – flying Hua Jiankang net

Expert proposal parent wants special attention not to put all energy on hospital and doctor body when treating children nephrosis syndrome, the effect that a lot of moment treat sees what children lives daily nurse even whether to accomplish, but this phase cannot rely on cheeper the habit that oneself will come to had maintained, go up in food and life especially, the parent should supervise and urge as far as possible the child.

Children nephrosis syndrome wants a note to have the following:

Note one: Do not want special overworked. The child’s ego restrains ability difference, return a meeting to feel very fresh from the hospital, play easily too tiredly, Morpheus is insufficient, the parent wants special attention to arrange the time of work and rest of good child, get sufficient rest as far as possible.

Note 2: Do not eat the food that contain salt more. Food should notice little salt, still do not have the child with fall normal to blood pressure, this bit is very important. But meal can affect appetite again without salt, appropriate uses low salt food. InBloatedAfter disappearing with hypertension, ability can improve common food, but also want delicate, cannot pass salty. Sodium also is contained in steamed bread and soda biscuit, had better not eat to the child. Can let the child eat a few fresh vegetable and fruit, with the vitamin inside additional system.

Note 3: The dress is not long wear do not change. Infection often is the reason that prevail on nephrosis has a relapse. Often bathe change the clothes, maintain skin cleanness, can prevent skin infection.

Note 4: Do not go as far as possible public. Should maintain indoor air fresh, do not look after children as far as possible go shop, cinema public. The attention changes according to climate dress of increase and decrease, precaution catchs a cold.

Note 5: Should not reduce weight at will, stop drug. Treat children nephrosis syndrome, need to take hormone mostly kind medicaments. Take the sick child of hormone, must fall in the doctor’s guidance, improve along with the illness, till stop drug,reduce an amount gradually. The parent should supervise and urge the child takes drug by the quantity on time, must not decrease at will measure and stop drug, lest cause an illness,relapse.

The place on put together is narrated, children contracts nephrosis syndrome besides medication, habits and customs also is the choice of a cure, children had better want proper rest during cure, food also wants reasonable and appropriate. Especially medicaments cannot use the key that waiting detail a moment is remedial nephrosis syndrome in disorder.

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