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4 kinds of methods of Chu Qiu filling kidney, all the day bang bang bang does not feel tired! – flying Hua Jiankang net

“ kidney energy of life is full, 100 disease are divided! ”

The left kidney inside human body is this world, right kidney is shade. The function of the six hollow organs of left kidney department, of the five internal organs of right kidney administer move. The Wen Xu with crucial to the move since the vital organs of the human body kidney, moist, immerse is raised, arouse wait for action. The vigour in kidney, make yuan of choice again, it is the impulsion of life. Kidney emptyCriterion vitality is abate, all sorts of diseases will be following one by one.

Chu QiuFilling kidneyCan lay next foundations for coming freezing winter, enhance human body to resist cold ability, it is the good time of filling kidney accordingly.

  One, dietary recuperation

China has a civilian adage to cry: “ July Yang Tao in August short, ” of laughing of October Chinese chestnut. Chinese chestnut, renown chestnut, the beauty of the king ” that element has 1000 fruit of “ praise, with peach, apricot, plum, the jujube calls “ 5 fruit ” , abroad says for ” of “ healthy food, belong to be good at the classy fruit of lienal filling kidney, prolong life.

Path cure thinks pleasant of flavour of Chinese chestnut sex is lukewarm, the friends with constitutional cold empty edible is optimal. Chinese chestnut is had be good at lienal raise a stomach, relieve a cough strong anything resembling a tendon or vein of expectorant, filling kidney, invigorate the circulation of blood is hemostatic wait for effect. For the person with insufficient this world of frail to taste, kidney, it is very good cordial. Chinese chestnut also is autumn preserve one’s health is indispensable article one of.

Of chestnut have a way varied, already but delicacy is fed, boil feed, candy is fried, dish is used, can process all sorts of food again. South makes food with chestnut, for banquet cate; Northward candy fries chestnut, glutinous, sweet, sweet, delicious and goluptious.

Grind chestnut flesh fine, boil congee together with polished glutinous rice, faint scent taste is little, good medicinal food. Chestnut and rice taste of a be good at carry, stomachic, can fill again kidney strong bones and muscles, suit old people function to degrade especially the gastric accept of be caused by not beautiful, Lumbar genu aching and limpFaintPerson take feed.

Chinese common people, a few people gather chat drink tea, always little not crack with teeth in mouth bit melon seeds.

Sunflower, on the west melon seeds, pumpkin child, be crack with teeth in mouth of big the daily life of a family. A lot of friends are willing to buy pumpkin child eat, however, when pumpkin eating in the home, however the pumpkin inside child threw away to conveniently.

Actually very regrettablly, stay the melon seeds austral these to was not bothered. Want to put a dish on kitchen windowsill only, the pumpkin that draws out every time child put inside, make its nature air OK.

It is very clean that melon seeds is south in pumpkin, after be being drawn out, needless go washing it, it is easy still to touched water bad, go its air directly.

South melon seeds insolation later, can eat raw directly, sanitarian effect is more not bad than the melon seeds austral parched.

Old people knows, melon seeds is pesticidal south. The child in the past gets the verminosis such as ascarid easily, adult eats pumpkin to the child child drive bug. Melon seeds follows other helminthic south different, it is very gentle, not be to lean excitant will kill insect, also won’t injure the body, very appropriate to the child.

  South melon seeds benevolence the action that fill is stronger

What does filial generation express? Child it is the generation below floral, represent new life. So always floral seed, its effect can go toward kidney commonly. Melon seeds is opposite south sanitarian action of the kidney is highlighted especially, its action, be similar to natural hormonal, can improve the function of system of human body reproduction.

To the male, often eat unripe pumpkin child, can prevent the problem of prostate. To the female, if produce rear body empty to cause galactic amount little, eat unripe pumpkin child can help urge breast.

Attention: Melon seeds fills south gas, but also cannot eat more, eat much, had filled, gas can gather in abdomen, make a person sick. Vital energy became much still can melt into is hot, bring aboutThe stomach is hotSuffer from excessive internal heat.

   Tea of the melon seeds austral rock candy, qing Dynasty is guttural, Filling kidneyAngry, take temporary solution effect a permanent cure.

Sheet eats pumpkin child benevolence, that is to slant at what fill, if connect,that carapace is used together outside the move, have fill have release. South the carapace of melon seeds is not delicious, also chew not sodden, it is better to use the water that boil to drink commonly, this will be helpful to chronic guttural problem.

Method: Catch the melon seed austral carapace of a belt, mincing, after the boiler below cold water is boiled, add rock candy to boil 20 minutes to have pot again, come out broken bits filter, drink water directly, flavour is very clear sweet.

Because a large number of conversation cause the condition with sick voice,be aimed at especially, actually, this is the problem of voice not just, because long-term conversation is too much,the key is, hurt kidney morale. So, the medicine that is diminish inflammation of the heat that use Qing Dynasty solely will treat throat, cannot solve basic problem. If think an effect a permanent cure, want clear pharynx and larynx already, want filling kidney energy of life again, work along both lines ability is OK. Can drink tea of the melon seeds austral rock candy to recuperate at ordinary times.

  2, acupuncture point health care

The person arrives middleaged later, body function begins decline, to make sure human body healthy atmosphere is enough, in relief energy of life is not short, reduce the happening of all sorts of diseases then, improve life quality. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, often massage close yuan of acupuncture point and acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back to be able to riseFilling kidneyeffect.

Close yuan of acupuncture point

“ closes position of yuan of acupuncture point ” : Below hilum 4 point to place. Close yuan of acupuncture point to be located in an arteries and veins of the sea ” of arteries and veins of shade of human body “ , under navel 3 inches position, call next the pubic region again, have the effect that earths up filling vigour, strong body.

Here inch it is to be the same as a body inch, everybody the palm 4 point to and the width of approach, be equivalent to be the same as a body inch 3 inches, so, should find close yuan very simple also, be in in the middle of human body on the line, measure the space that gives 4 finger beam downward from navel, close yuan of acupuncture point namely.

  Close yuan of acupuncture point to massage a method

When ego is massaged, above all can in order to close yuan for the centre of a circle, left or right palm is done anticlockwise reach a clockwise rub move 3—5 minute. Next, press along with breath pressure close yuan of acupuncture point 3 minutes.

Additional, still can use moxa moxibustion closes yuan, every time 10 minutes or so, have effect of very good filling kidney Zhuang Yang.

  Acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back

Position of ” of acupuncture point of “ either side of the small of the back: Acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back is extra nerve points, in the waist, thorn of the 4th lumbar dash forward below, in about 3.5 inches hollow leaving by.

Path cure thinks, with palm rub either side of the small of the back, not only but scanty bandpass arteries and veins and strong waist backbone, and still can have acute hearing side the action of kidney of profit of seed of bright eye, solid and prolong life.

Middleaged person often rub either side of the small of the back, arrived old age can carry a small of the back the back is erect, still can prevent and cure the lumbago disease that chill causes.

Massage waist can make the rich blood capillary net in local skin outspread already, stimulative blood circulates, accelerate metabolization production eliminate, can stimulate nerve ending again, to neurological gentle stimulation, be helpful for the rehabilitate that ill caustic organizes, enhance the staying power of lumbar flesh.

  Acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back massages a method

When ego is massaged, look for thorn of the 4th lumbar first dash forward this is horizontal.

Its seeking a way is, when akimbo of our both hands when, can feel the bone between the waist from the back, this is the Qia Ji in anatomy, the thorn of the 4th lumbar of Qia Ji as it happens and human body dash forward smooth.

Next, from in the middle of the line begins a quantity to give the space with an again bit more palm, it is place of acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back.

Generally speaking, the body when massaging sits, nature of two tactics make a fist is carried on the back backward face, with forefinger ridgy boxing eye presses acupuncture point of either side of the small of the back closely and do rotate to be pressed forcibly knead, it is advisable to bilge with acid.

Can knead 5 minutes every time, insist for a long time to have very goodFilling kidneyEffect.

3, sleep filling kidney

Path cure thinks: Sleep filling kidney most exceptionally effect, but must know method and note, square can accept its are clever. How to sleep most filling kidney? Have two kinds of kind: It is to return Yang Wo, 2 it is to mix yuan lie, look together.

  Return Yang Wo

Body nature lie low, hip joint is loosened, the leg is like annulus, bipod heart is opposite, calcaneal is best straight to perineal (if can support perineal and best) two tactics heart is put at ham root ministry around, the centre of the palm sides with abdomen. Because wear,lie on his back bed area is large, stress is lesser, the body is loosened more easily, the relaxation of the body adds certain pose, can a very fast in relief gas and kidney gas plentiful rise.

The size key of a vitality sees the true fire —— that gas of kidney this world is equivalent to the gate of vitality namely the in relief gas of the gate of vitality is enough. Place this pose, it is for more those who be helpful for kidney this world enraging is enough the effect of this type filling kidney is apparent.

  Mix yuan lie

Drill those who return Yang Wo to enhance arrangement again the law is to mix yuan lie. Bipod heart is opposite, the leg is like annulus, two tactics jackknife or across gently put on the head, control to lily of the top of head.

This pose can fill already kidney gas can loosen the head again, to insomnia, nerveFeebleHave better remedial effect. Two arms are surrounded into a circle above, can make kidney gas does not go toward genital, in the Wan in be being pulled however; Two legs are surrounded into a circle below, be helpful for the whole body enraging hematic edge leg to circulate of the body in the center.

These two kinds of poses, the metropolis is taut liver classics and kidney classics, rise to exercise liver classics and kidney classics. Everybody mights as well try.

   4, other the sanitarian movement of filling kidney


The movement sets an example: Every night 7~9 dot is blood of kidney classics gas most declining time, bubble foot can improve systemic blood circulation. Bubble foot with tub had better, bubble foot water with 40 Celsius advisable, every time bubble foot with 15~30 minute for beautiful.

Effect: Often the blood that bubble foot can improve the body circulates, achieve alimentary kidney and hepatic goal.

  With calcaneal be good at go

The movement sets an example: Namely as far as possible stride a stride, calcaneal first touchdown, when walking, should notice not to curve knee. When additionally the leg takes a step forth, tiptoe wants unbend, seem to be like kickball. Chela is in be born when, tiptoe of the rear foot wants stand on tiptoe to rise. When having time everyday, can take a walk those who lie fallow become a stride to take a practice can.

Effect: With calcaneal first of touchdown walk method, it is the point that stimulated kidney classics actually, can prevent an osteoporosis effectively.

  Deep breathing

The movement sets an example: Choose the environment with fresh air, as far as possible with nose inspiratory, breath should keep downy, slow, even, profound. Every time deep breathing is a group with 6, can appease next adjust, next redo.

Effect: Deep breathing can let the air of lung get changing, every time the eduction that the waste gas inside body can promote after deep breathing, of fresh air inspiratory, brains is more sober.

  Hold firm

The movement sets an example: Buckle thumb in control, finger tip is located in the root ministry of ring finger, bend 4 finger of music the others next, of in a way forcibly, whole act feeling is like within one’s grasp to tighten a baby same, strength control is appropriate can. When daily not in use will do not have a thing, walk for example, sit it is car, bemused, prattle, OK to see TV wait incident a moment exercise.

Effect: Hold firm this movement can enrage essence of life the god to be inside body.

   The bump that lift heel is sufficient

The movement sets an example: The ground is seized with 5 toe when lifting heel, two legs and approach, carry anus to receive an abdomen at the same time, humeral ministry should sink downward, project approving sets upright backbone, ; is gotten to be down on 100 meetings when bump is sufficient, the body is loosened, gently gnash one’s teeth, can first slowly whereabouts half, next gently shake the ground.

Effect: Carry heel to be able to pull the cystic classics of ministry of leg of the back that pull a pocket and kidney classics, light shake ground can massage the vital organs of the human body.

  Rub kidney Shu

The movement sets an example: Double leg and approach, sit in bed edge locally, two palms are mutual rub, arrive till the feeling till control is calorific, next two tactics is pressed respectively lumbar position is carried on the back after, the kidney Yu acupuncture point that massages lumbar back up and down, arrive all the time feel hot sense till can. Best everyday morning and evening undertakes each, every all over each 200 times or so can.

Effect: This movement hasFilling kidneyThe effect that accept enrages.

   Picket of station of 3 yuan of type

The movement sets an example: Bipod is apart, be the same as with the shoulder wide stand, next two tactics by the body the so big that one can just get one’s arms around before two side direction is before abdomen, specific place and navel are the same as tall can. When two tactics arm holds a circle in the arms, at the same time two knee want slightly bend, centre of gravity sinks, the joint of two knee slightly open toward both sides.

Back shows segment of a circle slightly, contain a bosom, back wants to unplug, the small of the back slightly backward arch, acupuncture point of the gate of vitality is opened. Whole act is to no matter be,let whole person looking from around, left and right sides, fluctuation is a circle.

Effect: This is the stands basically method of a benefiting vigour, often practice can making kidney angry interest of abundant, bones and muscles is strong.

Ram a back

The movement sets an example: Face south to, the body is loosened, body hind is admired, strike wall next with whole back, forcibly measurable can, the counterforce that have the aid of bumps lets the position with body erect response, repeat undertake can. Bump the left and right sides 30 times every time, can undertake 2~3 everyday second.

Effect: Bump into a back to be able to achieve main and collateral channels of strong waist kidney, dredge, abide to enrage the effect of yin and yang of blood, flat regulation all right.

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