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Mother of student of temptation of male teacher of alluring middle school has sex – flying Hua Jiankang net

   The high school student accepts a teacher to make up a missed lesson, result unable to bearThe teacher’s temptationHave sex. . . This kind of bridge paragraph the classical occasion that is H sensitive content absolutely! However, put in actual edition reallyThe teacher’s temptation, this time nevertheless the teacher is not a female, it is male teacher is used actually make up a missed lesson the mom of pretext temptation high school student! ThisThe teacher’s temptationBig play unexpectedly embroil gives a lot of troublesome jobs, look together!

   What male teacher learns in is alluring, happen in order to make up a missed lesson for name and student motherSexual relationshipEldest sister of Liu of easy city county (alias) the second year in high school on the daughter, last year, she is taking a daughter to hire a room to accompany a teacher that read and knew daughter school in outside school, but this teacher often annoys Liu Dajie not only, still produced sexual relationship with her… is the divorce accompanied read be enticed by school teacher?
   Liu Dajie of 41 years old is person of easy city county, after the year before last year and husband divorce, hire a room to accompany a daughter in outside school. Last year December, liu Dajie added a good friend on mobile phone QQ, mr. Zhao that this good friend professes is daughter place middle school (alias) .
   Liu Dajie: “Not very chats, chatting conventional phrases is occasionally same, ask me the child studies result, I say achievement is maths bad, he says then I make up a missed lesson to you. He says then I make up a missed lesson to you..

   Reporter: “Why should that respond him to be on QQ? “Why should that respond him to be on QQ??
   Liu Dajie: “Do not understand him, he takes those words to cover me, entice me I went. Entice me I went..
   Make up a missed lesson the bag is on my body
   Liu Dajie says, for the daughter’s study, oneself also want to know this teacher. Then, chatting, two people rise with respect to ripe sth resembling a net. Last year the twelfth month of the lunar year 29, this Mr. Zhao makes an appointment with Liu Dajie to meet, go Huang Shan travels, say to just want to come loose beguilement, and he included the issue that daughter of Liu eldest sister makes up a missed lesson completely. For the daughter, liu Dajie went none hesitantly.
   Dare revolt to let you do not have a face to be an upright person
   But arrived Huang Shan, liu Dajie says, this Mr. Zhao was not abided by at the outset acceptance, produced sexual relationship with her however, liu Dajie states oneself or after the event just know the other side is lone.
   Liu Dajie says: “Revolted, he sends guesthouse you, had not revolted, revolt him to threaten, he says I am spoken to you, he entered a room to become very crude. Next I cry for help, entered a room. He stayed in my phone with respect to control, the mobile phone is over there him there, still threaten if you are spoken, I reach the place that you stay in, there your daughter, my whats are spoken, do not have a face to be an upright person to you. Do not have a face to be an upright person to you..
   Have sex again
   Liu Dajie says, after coming back from Huang Shan, this Mr. Zhao or pester ceaselessly, annoy, minatory still eldest sister wanting Liu meets, shake off the thing otherwise go out. By force of pressure, this year at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 7, mr. Zhao takes Liu Dajie to go again Hefei, two people produced sexual relationship again.

   Liu Dajie: “You as teacher of a people how such. “You as teacher of a people how such..
   Reporter: “Then you say with him, you if again such, do you call the police? Do you call the police??
   Liu Dajie: “Said, said. He says he is lone. He says he is lone..
   Chatting content is very yellow very barefaced
   Liu Dajie says, she is driven beyond forbearance later, the decision seeks testimony, go to its shake out. Interview that day, liu Dajie also was offerred to the reporter, the check scheme photocopy that she and Mr. Zhao QQ chat at that time. The reporter sees, chatting content is barefaced, some is more hard open one’s mouth.
   Still was inferior to dying to calculate
   Liu Dajie says, later, she often thinks of that one act, always cannot cross the Na Daokan in the heart, had the idea of commit suicide even, was given to save by a shirttail cousin fortunately.
   Liu Dajie: “Anyway I I do now cannot live normally, affect me, my what do spirit has a place, it is phone torment person, do not have method really. Do not have method really..
   Liu Dajie’s friend: “The building jumps inside respecting school a few days ago, I persuaded to come down to her, the child that I say you still is in this middle school goes to school. Right, you arrive inside jump building, the following to your child reputation is bad, I persuade slowly, persuade to persuaded her to come down slowly “
   Accuse its meet with unfortunately instead curse
   April 18, the Liu Dajie that has not enraged prints his experience small ad again, around the school 4PlacePaste. And later Mr. Zhao that is informed a message and his family, more furious unceasingly, found Liu Dajie’s dwelling, to her a curse, say she follows a personOpen a room, sleep.
   So, what to happen after all between Liu Dajie and Mr. Zhao? The fact says like Liu Dajie in that way? Interview that day afternoon, the reporter also found the middle school that Mr. Zhao is in. Coordinate through, the reporter waits eventually came Mr. Zhao.

   It is lone it is a the main chance
   Mr. Zhao says, he is a handle machine QQ, search the person around, know Liu Dajie. Mr. Zhao says, because be to leave other, they chat later also very cast an edge, did not pass how long, they met in Shu Cheng, often still send message each other.
   Mr. Zhao: “Chat say, she also is lone from different, a belt is worn the child is being accompanied read, the child fell ill again. Said the thing that is worth a person to sympathize with more very much, I explain age difference also is not very big, she tells her to have more than 40 years old, I 50 odd, age difference is not very big. Want to seek an old partner, if right word, this condition is lone, two people do not have an opportunity. Two people do not have an opportunity..
   Look at have pity on the heart that ate compassion
   Mr. Zhao says, they two pictureMen and womenThe friend is in euqally, but, both sides did not express clearly is relation of friend of male and female.
   Mr. Zhao: “When the twelfth month of the lunar year takes a walk 29 night, she is told different idea calls to let her come home in the home spend the New Year, spend the New Year this time does not have a place, she is told spend the New Year a few days, 30, first one, first 2 prepare to boil a pot of porridge-a complete mess in the home these days, boil these days in the home, follow a person femaly to tell so pitiful. Follow a person femaly to tell so pitiful..
   Look at Liu Dajie’s sad pattern, mr. Zhao ate a heart, offer to go together with Liu Dajie Huang Shan travels.
   Reporter: “That says she agrees to go with you Huang Shan, because you promise to seek mathematical teacher to her,be, does she just promise to go with you? Does she just promise to go with you??
   Mr. Zhao: “That is to be told foolishly, that is not a fact, the child coachs this is to spend the New Year the following thing, I am mixed with her later coach to concerned. I am mixed with her later coach to concerned..
   A room sleeps hand in hand on the ave
   Mr. Zhao says, they played 3 days two in Huang Shan, each other have good opinion quite. Mr. Zhao ” we resemble a lover on the ave same, it is good to pulling a hand to turn long. And admit in Huang Shan he and Liu Dajie live in a room. And admit in Huang Shan he and Liu Dajie live in a room..
   Dare accost my wife
   Mr. Zhao says, huang Shan after coming back, he still is taking Liu Dajie to go to the kin home of Hefei paying a New Year call, the relationship of two people is better and better also. But, feburary 14 before the Valentine’s Day, liu Dajie changed suddenly face. Later, he receives a breathtaking telephone call, the other side professes is Liu Dajie’s husband. More what teacher letting Zhao did not think of is, that day, this man found the school actually, in school shout, still say ” a teacher calls your school what name, accost my home wife. Accost my home wife..
   Mr. Zhao: “He tells him is not her boy friend, it is her husband, scold me, brokenMouthTongue-lash, tell my accost his wife, I am told do not have attend a lecture to pass, she tells her lone, I tell you is what person, he tells me is her husband. He tells me is her husband..
   I just transfer, was worn green cap
   Later, mr. Zhao asks, this man also is person of easy city county. Wife has the child, and follow Liu eldest sister had interacted for some time.
   Mr. Zhao: “Actually she has been together maly with that, I just transfer her temporarily, I am used, I just transfer her temporarily. I just transfer her temporarily..

   Broke connection who knows the other side to do a business again?
   Mr. Zhao says, two months later, he broke connection with Liu Dajie, and record all UniCom that follow Liu Dajie all cutout. Can not think of, this month, liu Dajie sticks his small advertisement everywhere again actually.
   Mr. Zhao: “This to me, you did not tell my name to stop, you are pointing to my name, pointing to my unit to tell me, this is opposite not only our school principal had looked for my individual me, say me this old pal, how do you handle domestic relation, what individual relation handles is so poor, actual viability is too poor, the face of grey head earth that I am made dare not see a person. The face of grey head earth that I am made dare not see a person..
   The thing goes two months, mr. Zhao considers as calm. As a result Liu Dajie was done so, complete beyond the expect of Mr. Zhao. Mr. Zhao suspects, this is not Liu Dajie’s meaning completely.
   Is shirttail cousin still a boy friend?
   Subsequently, the reporter found Liu Dajie again, that man that Mr. Zhao says still is in Liu Dajie’s rented house, when the reporter is interviewed, this man proves Liu Dajie has light body idea namely, save that individual that leaves Liu Dajie, that shirttail cousin that mentions in mouth of Liu eldest sister namely, nevertheless Liu Dajie and this man deny both sides to matter.
   Current, liu Dajie already to the public security bureau of easy city county of area under administration police station of 1000 people bridge signed up for alarm. Interview the following day, the reporter also mirrorred this matter bureau of education of easy city county.
   Easy city county teachs Zhang Xu of director of room of bureau record be careful in one’s conduct to express, getting along normally is completely possible, lawful and reasonable. “If get along because of two people, happened a few have the thing that violates ethics, we should criticize education, the 2nd identity that we ask Mr. Wu wants to notice a teacher, do not want an influence. That had come maly twice, if you tell us this teacher has enroach on action to the woman, or other behavior, you can report a case to the security authorities to public security bureau. You can report a case to the security authorities to public security bureau..
   Zhang Xu introduces, once public security mechanism had findings, they will inspect a circumstance to make processing.

   Reporter: “How are if public security fish has problem of the heart that violate division,you handled? “How are if public security fish has problem of the heart that violate division,you handled??
   Easy city county teachs Zhang Xu of director of room of bureau record be careful in one’s conduct to say: “Then he turns over us immediately for certain, if be law,penalize, penalize with respect to law. If insufficient law penalizes, as the teacher then we give disciplinary treatment. As the teacher then we give disciplinary treatment..
   And now, liu Dajie and Mr. Zhao had prepared to sue each other to the court.
   To Liu Dajie this is planted circumstance, lawyer square patriotic express, if Liu Dajie has enough evidence to prove Mr. Zhao violates her volition, carry out violent act to her. She can report a case to the security authorities to public security mechanism, undertake investigating by public security mechanism, if public security mechanism undertakes investigating, without such fact, so take a walk as the woman such rumor, perhaps say concoctive such fact, so Liu Dajie’s behavior was disobeyed actually ” public security management sanctions a method ” regulation.

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