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Cong Wenghong the in filming experience talks about actor memory ethics of 3 class – flying Hua Jiankang net

Speak ofWeng Hong 3 classPiece in the past, harbor of a lot of attention piece the person is met a little impression. We know, very much female star stemmed from all sorts of reasons to make 3 form piece. That paragraph experiences a lot of people closely guard a secret, some people talk ” 3 class piece ” color changes. However, a person looks very ” alien ” , Weng Hong 3 classThe problem does not perplex her itself if, the relation that is him Weng Hong probably.

When we see her domestic background, we cannot will she and ” three-layer film ” connection rises. Weng Hong is born in family of a scholar. His parents is graduated from southwest to combine an university, ever was in Tsinghua university to teach. Her grandfather is the stylist of factory of Han Yangbing of clear minor details. Her parents asks strictly to her as a child, but of unexpected is she takes 3 step actually piece.

There are a lot of stars in recreational group. They are not actors. The singer is waited a moment, have a lot of transition, a lot of actress have motion picture of a few three-layer when begin, but once film all one’s life,can be affected, and very big to their figure influence, a lot of actress are young ignorance, so a lot of actress very regret.

Weng Hong is the figure of a good girl all the time, but she does not have fame. Finally, although family objects filming large motion picture, she still becamed famous. But later, accepting Weng Hong child when interviewing, she says she is too young, this film let her lose family almost.

Married now, had the child, she can discuss this paragraph of experience, never regret at the outset choice. Perhaps be the manner that opens because of this kind, she just can harvest the life of happy now joy, and her face is evergreen, still be goddess.

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