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The practice of the daily life of a family of duck hamburger

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  • The autumn is dry,crisp air of autumn, but the season that also is moisten the respiratory tract of need method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, the autumn still raises lienal good time, so leaf should recommend course of a preserve one’s health today, taste not only quite marvellous, and moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises lung be good at lienal. Say autumn appropriate sticks autumn fat, yes, through loss of appetite and weight in summer, autumnal appetite is big, be when liking to eat the meat, arrived, but autumn eats the flesh to still do not open wide belly moustache to eat the sea to drink, eat appropriately a few contain a lot ofthe piscine shrimp with saturated a few lower fatty acid and birds flesh, the duck flesh of moisten the respiratory tract of this method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood suits very much, today’s cake leaf chose duck flesh, still have the lotus lotus root of same moisten the respiratory tract, increase the yam of filling taste and part of a historical period of common cast off celery, make taste very faint scent, special court person likes, [duck hamburger] it falls blood pressure, go raw meat or fish, make cake in particularly sweet, regrettablly everybody threw it!

    The practice of the daily life of a family of duck hamburger, how is duck hamburger the daily life of a family done delicious

    Advocate makings: Duck flesh lotus root of 300 grams, lotus a paragraph, yam a paragraph, celery Xie Yi.

    Burden: Egg, amylaceous and right amount.

    Condiment: Ginger together, sweet green 3, unripe smoke right amount, salt right amount, black pepper rice wine juice is right amount, right amount.

       The practice of duck hamburger:

    1, prepare raw material.

    2, shallot, ginger cuts end.

    3, leaf of lotus lotus root, yam, celery cuts end respectively.

    4, duck flesh chop becomes fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit.

    5, mashed vegetable or fruit of meat of end of ginger of end of lotus lotus root, yam end, celery leaf end, green, duck, put one case, infiltrate egg, join right amount starch, unripe smoke, black pepper of rice wine juice, a few, salt.

    6, toward a direction sufficient agitate is arranged slippery.

    7, embryo of make it cake.

    8, do not stick a few oil is added in boiler, put cake embryo.

    9, decoct arrives two sides is golden can.

       Sweet clew:

    One, the take out of bone of half duck general that buys, ; of a lot of more adipose local take out

    2, duck flesh fishy smell is heavier, join celery leaf and rice wine juice to be able to go raw meat or fish, increase faint scent. Supermarket of rice wine juice has sell, my public date characteristic has the way of rice wine in fastfood menu, rice wine juice is the soup; in rice wine

    3, if use electric baking pan,come decoct is better operation.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    1, can lotus seed and duck flesh eat: together? Already does Xi smile fierce beach hang ascend body ⒉ Q of А of π of grave of vertebra of  of Si of  of ⒗ of field of aperture of a small tinkling bell already  of Xiu bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 oh is Gou of ┓ of Mao of Pang of eulogy of  of part of the day of constant  of gadolinium Xie  bad flinch coerce of smile of  of   evil spirit Zheng ⅰ ⒆ of soft-shelled turtle ∑ ?

    2, can duck flesh and yam eat: together?

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