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Cut gallinaceous way in vain

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  •  This dish long-standing. In ” feed sheet along with garden ” be labelled in gallinaceous dish the first place. Dish of another name for Guangdong Province has a cant in hutch altar, call ” not to become banquet ” without chicken, the dish type that cooks with chicken is rich, on banquet. “The white ” that cut chicken often by first selection, its glamour sees one spot.

    Cut gallinaceous way in vain, how is Bai Qie chicken done delicious?

       [raw material]

    Tender child chicken 1 (about 1250 grams) , Jiang Ni silk of 50 grams, very light blue gram of 50 grams, refined salt 5—10, peanut oil 60 grams.

       Cut gallinaceous way in vain:

    1. Mix ginger, green, refined salt divide evenly, cent fills 2 saucers. Heat of the baked wheaten cake in using fries pan, next oil are burned to small boil hind, take out 50 grams, drench respectively in 2 saucers. Remain 10 grams Cheng Qi is stand-by.

    2. Slaughter chicken clean, put the immersion of boiling water boiler of boil of in a subtle way. Cleek is used when dip (clip) raise chicken 5 minutes every, the water inside teem antrum, agree in order to maintain temperature of gallinaceous antrum inside and outside.

    3. Make an appointment with dip 15 minutes chicken ripe, use cleek to tick off, the immersion in putting chicken quickly cold boiled water is cooling. Go next cold boiled water, gallinaceous air skin, in the 10 grams ripe peanut oil that remains on the besmear on gallinaceous skin. Complete chicken cuts small, in filling plate, become namely. If its build by laying bricks or stones answers chicken model much better. The key that makes Bai Qie chicken is in come with dip of small boiling water only ripe, super-cooling of reoccupy cold boiled water and into. It is top grade with redness of skin of two shank microstrip.


    Gallinaceous skin bright is fragile, the flesh is soft tender and clear bright; is fed with assist of silk of Jiang Ni, green, flavor is especially beautiful.

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