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The practice of dawdler shrimp congee

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  • The dozy in the morning lie-in in the winter, want to come again how does the congee with reeky bowl do, electric meal Bao helps you solve, boil the congee that come out very soft sodden goluptious.

    The practice of dawdler shrimp congee, how is congee of shrimp of dawdler of the daily life of a family done?

    Advocate makings: Shrimp of rice smaller part, bowl 10.

    Complementary makings: Salt chopped green onion is right amount, right amount.

       The practice of dawdler shrimp congee:

    1. Before today shrimp redemptive, clean clean.

    2. Choose the route that divide shrimp with toothpick, turn on the water Li Chao 3 minutes, scoop put freezer refrigerant.

    3. Wash rice contented clean.

    4. Add rice water to pour electric meal Bao, I am in the evening made an appointment to was boiled early at 8 o’clock at 10 o’clock, time so 10 hours, soup congee function.

    5. White in the morning congee already had been boiled, good scald shrimp falls, boil ten minutes again.

    6. Scatter chopped green onion.

    7. Put right amount salt, add a meat, warm warm breakfast leaves eat!

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