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Delicate dried shrimps fries the practice of Chan dish

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    Delicate dried shrimps fries the practice of Chan dish, how does delicate dried shrimps fry Chan dish to do?

       Dried shrimps fries the practice of Chan dish:

    1. Chan dish, wash clean, drop doing reserves.

    2. Prepare dried shrimps, carrot silk, garlic, dried shrimps wants beforehand bubble is soft.

    3. Chicken broth. (Bone soup also goes, do not have again, of only useful boiled water) .

    4. Boil chicken broth, put Chan food, it is OK to be boiled a little.

    5. Fish out cooks the Chan food that pass.

    6. Hot pot hot oil explodes sweet garlic, put carrot silk.

    7. Put the dried shrimps with soft bubble again, it is OK to turn over the fragrance that fries a shrimp.

    8. Put the Chan food that has ironed finally, play salt, essence issueing chicken flavors, conflagration breaks up fry can give boiler equably.

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