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The cross of the tit — what how answer darling is long the world of cate of tooth period _

The cross of the tit — the long tooth that how answers darling period

2016-10-11 15:27:36

For the health of darling, many mom can choose mother milk feed, some even lactation arrives child 2-3 year old. Just was born that paragraph of time, darling does not have a tooth, do not have menace to mom tit, but when after he grows a tooth, the tit is destroyed possibly every day, some defeats a skin to bleed accordingly even. How should grow tooth period in darling so, protect oneself tit? This how Where is the tit that is repair bitten to defeat?

How to avoid a tit to be bitten?

Darling tooth bud period, gum can have feeling of a few difficultieses, meet for this not self-conscious go biting something. If tooth already bud gives one small check, so the tit of mom gets hurt possibly accordingly, be about to do some of protection right now so.

Beard of certainly will of 1. lactation appearance is correct

Lactation pose is undeserved it is one of main reasons that bring about tit damaged. Right way is to let the child’s head and body maintain linear, and let his pectoral abdomen is clingy oneself bosom; After darling contains a tit, should notice to observe its whether whole milk dizzy contain; If he is sucked when the cheek is gone to inside shrivelled, so the pose is incorrect also.

2. is slow darling gum is unwell

Because grow the concern of the tooth, darling may gum is unwell, when should discovering he is biting a tit so, should extend index finger in time him in mouth, lest its continue,bite. Divide this beyond, can let darling bite a few cool apples usually piece, turnip, in order to alleviate its gum is unwell.

3. looks for a quiet ground to nurse

The attention of darling suffers the effect of the outside very easily, had better choose a quiet place to nurse so. Because nurse during, if darling is attracted by noise, may turn suddenly so first and drag tit causes loss.

How the tit that is repair bitten to defeat?

The tit is bitten to defeat ache not only unusual, still may affect lactation, bring about darling to appear hidebound circumstance. Should appear so when this kind of problem, must handle actively, as soon as possible repair damaged.

1. should choose to compare lactation of in good condition a side breast, to badly-wounded tit a few restore time. This is explicit between lactation, want to change the posture that adopts baby alternately, the force that allows him to suck can arrive dispersedly equably tit and breast are dizzy all around.

After 2. is nursed every time, milk of a mother can be withheld on the tit. Because vitamin E and other are contained to promote the factor of heal in mother milk,this is, help cut cicatrizations. Should wear comfortable and comfortable bust bodice in addition, can ensure so airiness, stimulative cut cicatrizations.

3. if the tit is really aching and unusual, should not let darling suck so, can suspend lactation 24 hours appropriately. During noticing to be in this paragraph, should want will galactic crowded piece, feed darling with feeder.

4. suggests to use a few tits to nurse frost help restores, what recommend quite here is flying benefit riverside tit of embellish of Xin Anyi easy nurses frost.
The tit is bitten to defeat by darling cannot procrastinate, otherwise not only oneself have a rough time be put into trouble, what affect baby possibly still is daily take food. Face this kind of problem so, mom want to be handled actively, let cut as soon as possible heal, such ability provide enough nourishment to darling.

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