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Postpartum and necessary: The world of cate of _ of soup of hoof of soya bean pig

Postpartum and necessary: Soup of hoof of soya bean pig

2016-11-10 11:12:08

The material that make:

Advocate makings: Pig hoof 250 grams, soja 250 grams

Condiment: Yellow rice or millet wine 10 grams, green Chinese onion 8 grams, ginger 5 grams, salt 3 grams


1.After pig hoof is ironed with boiling water, unplug clean wool, sweep goes float skin;

2.Soya bean immerses 1 hour ahead of schedule, reserve;

3.Ginger washs clean section;

4.Green Chinese onion is cut paragraph;

5.Boil of clear water, Jiang Pian is joined inside pig hoof, cast aside foam;

6.Add wine, green and soya bean, build, boil with slow fire stew;

7.To half crisp, add refined salt, boil 1 hour again;

8.Move tasty essence, can.

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