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The world of note _ cate of repast of pregnant woman cafeteria

The note of repast of pregnant woman cafeteria

2016-11-14 11:52:19

We are daily in the life and job, often be in inevitably cafeteria repast, especially the friend meets, classmate party, client is communicated is commonly undertake in cafeteria. But, the body situation of accurate mom is more special, food has a lot of contraindication to want to notice. Although the meal in cafeteria often compares the home in more delicate, grease and salt and flavor enhancement are more nevertheless. Accurate mom chooses when cafeteria repast must careful, what thing can take, what thing cannot take must clear up. When order dishes, should notice besides the flesh kind outside food, should nod a few bean curd, green vegetables and fruit salad to regard as distribute food, make sure nutrition is balanced. Accordingly we are fastened according to different course, summed up the item that a few need notice, help you go out easily surely repast.

The note that orders dishes in cafeteria

Western-style food

The first dish: Avoid to eat raw fish and seafood, give birth to slices of fish meat or oyster to wait for example, should choose the fish that cook spends and shrimp.

Entree: Best choice thoroughlies cook fish and flesh, beefsteak also wants very ripe, cannot eat rawness. Have a few the part that does not fit accurate mom edible also is contained likely in condiment, it is clear to also must ask.

Dessert: Egg grandma is crisp (a kind loose and fleeciness bake make snack, with yoke and make stiff protein plus other all sorts of different burden are made, use as a entree perhaps is added sweet later use as dessert) , Mu Sai may contain unripe egg. Carry rummy there is unripe egg white in Su Pei makings. Self-restrained ice-cream likelihood contains unripe egg, want to take care to choose so. Butyric caramel flummery is safer.

Beverage: If must drink, can choose to drink one cannikin wine. Avoid to choose to contain the beverage of coffeine as far as possible, if want to drink coffee, can drink those who do not have coffeine. Nevertheless, best to accurate mom choice is mint tea, also have profit very much to digesting.

Dish of another name for Guangdong Province

Give birth to fierce seafood: Flavour of soft-shelled turtle, crab is delicious, but the effect that has stronger invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu, especially carapace of crab claw, soft-shelled turtle, if be in pregnant is inchoate edible, cause miscarriage very easily. Answer not to want edible as far as possible.

Marine fish (especially salmon, tuna, pilchard and herring fish) in Ω – the content of 3 fatty acid is richer, the nerve development of the mood that aims mom and child has profit very much, but possible meeting contains mercury inside sea fish body, accordingly, scarcely should eat too much, right amount can.

Plain dish

Chaffy dish: Must put the meat in the many rinse in boiled water when rinse flesh a little while. When the flesh is squashy eat again. Prevent the larva that arched bug contains in raw meat, edible hind is affected.

Hot: This is the characteristic with plain the most outstanding dish. Nevertheless, odd from food itself hot will tell, the body that aims mom was not affected. Those who need concern is, pregnancy, accurate mom is very incidental constipation, hot may accentuate costive degree. Accordingly, the proposal permits mother or should eat less hot.

Han eat

Ginseng: The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks accurate mom chaos uses ginseng to may produce very serious consequence, be like generation or aggravating and gravid vomiting, oedema and hypertension, possible also meeting causes miscarriage, accordingly, not often the Shang He that edible makes raw material with ginseng stews chicken to wait.

Stone boiler mixes meal: Stone boiler of Han Shi mixes the meal can add a very not ripe omelette commonly, if you like to eat stone boiler very much,mix meal, had better explain chef egg decoct ripe.

Day eat

Birthday manages and give birth to slices of fish meat: Raw slices of fish meat and the birthday department that contain roe or raw slices of fish meat should avoid edible. Additional, sea fish wants ration to absorb, cannot eat too much.

Sauce soup: Body of mom of soup itself alignment was not affected, but the amount that sauce soup must control salt to be put, cannot too salty.

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