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The world of food _ cate that the female does not suit to eat between equipment pregnancy

Have the food that the female eats does not suit between pregnancy

2017-10-31 16:51:51

A lot of families that want the child can do good equipment pregnant to work ahead of schedule now, be in especially dietary respect, some food do not suit the edible of the female of equipment pregnant, than following faces 4 kinds:

Equipment pregnant inedible food

1. gram

In gram besides contain the nutrient part such as rich protein, amino acid, starch besides, still contain many tall fiber at the same time. If female often the word of edible can bring about hormonal level drop not just, still can stop oviposit to be brought about thereby even infecund.

2. buckwheat

The nutrient value in buckwheat is very high also, flour of buckwheat of every 100 grams contains protein 10.6 grams, prep above rice (6.8 grams) ; is contained adipose 2.5 grams, prep above rice and flour. The protein of buckwheat is given priority to with ball protein protein, 40% it is solubility, still contain human body place in buckwheat besides must 8 kinds of amino acid.

Buckwheat can bring about a female infecund not Yo, be now to this problem in farther experiment, still do not have complete definition. But the coarse food grain that the expert points out to buckwheat is one kind does not suit female edible very much kind food, in edible when had better be can removed time of a week, such ability are unapt cause harm to the female’s body.

3. broomcorn

Can say to extremely rich nutrition is contained in broomcorn, among them amylaceous content 65.9%-77.4% , protein content 8.26%-14.45% , crude fat 2.39%-5.47% . But the nutrient food that calculates a such health, also can bring about a female likewise infecund not Yo. Consider to discover through modern medicine, the nutrition in broomcorn is abounded too again, the female is unfavorable also excessive edible, and be in edible when had better be can a few tie-inner the food that contains a lot ofa vitamin, such ability are unapt the pregnant that lets broomcorn snatch you is angry, bring about a female thereby infecund not Yo.

4. black rice

Black rice is us a kind of commonner rice in daily life is phyletic, its nutrient value is very high and belong to high protein breed. Determine according to the analysis the protein content in black rice compares common rice tower above 6.8% , adipose Biputong rice tower above 2% above, still contain a lot of16 kinds of amino acid. Besides, still contain acid of lucid asparagus ammonia, revive the material such as ammoniac acid.

Nevertheless, the female is in edible when also want to notice, it also can bring about a female very likely infecund not Yo, accordingly had better not successive excessive edible. Because extremely tall tall fiber is contained in the coarse food grain such as black rice,this is, the hormonal balance that they meet disturbed woman, those who eat is more, the odds that the female is pregnant is smaller. Researcher discovery, tall fiber alimental is absorbed can make hormonal level falls not only, still can make oviposit stops.

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