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The world of cate of officinal value _ of San sauce

The officinal value of San sauce

2012-02-07 13:56:08

San sauce discards Lang medicine, for cane of leaf of decline of peppery division plant. This tasting close carry at ” Tang Bencao ” , meng Xi ” dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine ” grass of earth of renown day ” dials ” . Name of its seedling page is helped up leave a cane. Strong record is like Sang Qi, long 2 3 inches one, the laborious that feed is sweet. Li Shizhen cloud: “Two all have south Na Jichuan of wide, another name for Yunnan Province, its Miao Man is unripe according to the tree, the person that those person feeds discarding Lang and this is chewed, cloud monarch miasma is ill. Cloud monarch miasma is ill..

≯ of flavour of ≮ cate sex

Laborious, small pleasant, lukewarm.

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Contain naphtha, the bases in oil is mixed for decline leaf phenol pair of Xi propyl phenol.

≯ of ≮ cate function

Enrage expectorant, dispel the wind to come loose all right cold.

Chill coughs:

San sauce leaf 7, radium skin 6 grams, red jujube S, water simmer in water is taken.

Gastric cold cure:

San fruit or leaf 6 grams, water simmer in water adds brown sugar lukewarm take

Skin wet recover from an illness, athlete’s foot, tinea:

Fruit and foliaceous decoct soup wash.

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