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The world of cate of officinal value _ of silkworm chrysalis

The officinal value of silkworm chrysalis

2012-02-07 13:56:26

Silkworm chrysalis is the nourishment of high protein. Late silkworm is arenaceous (silkworm excrement) , silkworm exuviate, pod, the larva of silkworm with batrytis (the silkworm that affects die in one’s bed of white deadlocked bacterium) wait, make officinal.

≯ of flavour of ≮ cate sex

The larva of silkworm with batrytis: Salty, laborious, smooth, avirulent. Pod: Gan Wen, avirulent. Silkworm chrysalis: ? Does pull up of  of approach of ⑽ of dysentery of ⑿ of dust solder province use up celestial being of Yu of province ⑵ be good at M?

≯ of ≮ cate composition

Aurelian contain protein, adipose oil, among them bases is vinegar of not saturated fatty acid, glycerine, vitamin of sex of dissolve of alcohol of a few lecithin, Zi, fat. Silkworm is arenaceous (silkworm excrement) contain machine substance, have protein and chlorophyll among them, contain a plant to grow hormone and group ammonia acid. The silkworm after solar illuminate is arenaceous, there is the effect of calcification bone Ga after the chickling is fed, or material of the course before fastening its place to contain vitamin D is belonged to 2, 1 – the reason with pure calcium of 2 hydrogen sulfide.

≯ of ≮ cate function

Silkworm chrysalis fries food therapy fatigue thin reach children infantile malnutrition due to digestive disturbances or intestinal parasites is thin, silkworm chrysalis oil is right hypertensive, fatty liver, tall lipemia have certain effect. The larva of silkworm with batrytis treats morbid night crying of babies of children Jing epilepsy, mouth of Jing wind gather. Zhu Feng of delay of wine of late silkworm arenaceous dip, Pod treats disappear thirsty,

Tuberculosis, angular, chronic gastritis, gastroptosis:

Silkworm chrysalis bakes dry levigation, every take 1.5~3 gram, a day 2 (this pink beard is dry save, best encapsulate) .

Rheumatism bones and muscles is painful, neuralgic, limbs coma feels:

Late silkworm is arenaceous 90 grams fry dry, fill hop-pocket, immerse in 500 grams yellow rice or millet wine, after 7~10 day, right amount drink, a day 2.

Disappear thirsty frequent micturition, diabetic:

Take aurelian pod 10, water simmer in water is taken (Wang Mengying of Qing Chaoming cure treats disappear thirsty, soup of silk of commonly used , herewith manage) .

Hemophiliac, tooth caries bleeds, violet spot, nosebleed nasally:

Pod is burned put a sex, grind fine, every take 3 grams, a day 2. Taste the hemostat that also makes traumatic haemorrhage originally.

Urticant disease of Sao of nettle rash, skin:

The larva of silkworm with batrytis 6 grams, jingjie spic 6 grams, cicada slough 3 grams, water simmer in water is taken.


Divide into equal parts of garment of deadlocked silkworm, cicada, pieplant, curcuma is end, every take 6 grams, with honeyed tone yellow rice or millet wine sends (proved recipe of hill of clear Yang Li, renown ” rises fall medicinal powder “) .

Children infantile convulsions is convulsive, tetanic convulsion:

Divide into equal parts of Na Xing of garment of clam of deadlocked silkworm, complete scorpion, amusement, cicada, bravery, grind in all delicate last stage, send with sugar boiling water, every take 1.5~3 gram, a day of 2~3 second.


Spic of the larva of silkworm with batrytis, safflower, jingjie, palm puts aside a leaf each 3 grams, water simmer in water is taken.


The larva of silkworm with batrytis, violet perillaseed, burdock child each 9 grams, cinnabar 3 minutes, ginger 2, water simmer in water is taken.

Rheumatism lumbago:

Late silkworm is arenaceous 30 grams (cloth wraps) , bright pine needle 30 grams, dissect, add yellow rice or millet wine and water each bowl, decoct goes to halve broken bits, a day 2 lukewarm take.

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