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Secret is made be stationed in Yan Wufa to cream _ cate the world

Secret is made be stationed in Yan Wufa to cream

2012-02-07 14:03:19

MoveThe hand makes the black sesame seed with delicious health of one big pot with family for oneself honey of almond of walnut big jujube creams ~ (at a heat within an inch of does not have asthma divide evenly) the data that this prescription needs is as follows:

150g of black sesame seed — sexual flavour pleasant is smooth, have enrich the blood, bowel of dispel the wind, embellish, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, filling liver kidney, raise the function such as hair, can improve the body frail, hair is early white, anaemic decline is inadequacy of yellow, body fluid, giddy the disease such as tinnitus. Often eat sesame seed to be able to prevent and cure the disease such as neuritis of white hair of fat of hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, tall blood, neurasthenic, anaemic, one’s early years, end. The scientist returns discovery, the vitamin E that contains in sesame seed is a kind of macrobian factor, it can promote the hyperplasia of blood capillary to improve haemal circulation not only, had restrained oxygen fat to precipitate to form thrombus on blood-vessel character, prevent the happening of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, and still can defer cellular consenescence, make a person energetic, staying power is durable. Sesame seed still carries the hairdressing provision with exquisite skin, insist to eat skin of black sesame seed to be able to present a burnish everyday, once was the skin with thick weather-shack flooey can become exquisite softness is bouncier.

Walnutmeat 200g— contain rich vitamin B and E, can prevent cellular ageing, not only not elevatory cholesterol, still can reduce the alvine path absorption to cholesterol, walnutmeat contains many vitamin E and flax oleic acid, it is the skin hairdressing agent of human body ideal, often edible has bowel of embellish of beard and hair of embellish skin black, filling kidney the action of strong body.

Big almond 100g— contain a lot ofE of fiber of protein, plant, vitamin, also be the good origin of all sorts of microelement such as calcic Tie Xin. Big almond has the effect that reduces cholesterol, help to prevent cardiovascular disease, and still can help the body resist oxidation is damaged.

Red jujube 400g— one of medicaments that are tradition of our country folk, those who occupy bright generation Li Shizhen ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” account: Pleasant of big jujube flavour is avirulent, advocate heart evil influence, the lienal, spirit that make the same score a stomach is raised in installing, open 9 hole, aid 12 classics. Commonly used the medicine that it is grow, the disease; jujube paste such as have loose bowels of the dysentery that treat have diarrhoea, anaemic, lienal empty, heart-throb, insomnia, night sweat can do tranquillizer again, have calm the nerves, the function that raises sweat of heart, collect. Often eat can increase power of cardiac muscle systole, outspread coronal shape is hemal, restrain plaque to gather, and have restrain the effect of cancer cell hyperplasia.

Currant 100g— can improve anal health, because currant contains fiber and tartaric acid, can let fecal pass rectum quickly, reduce the time that contamination keeps in bowel. The white Li Lu that contains in currant is mellow, prevent a cell effectively evil the growth that change or restrains malignant tumor.

Honey 600g— honey sex is smooth, flavour pleasant (sweet) , often make bring officinal, it contains a lot ofa vitamin A, C, D, E, B, amino acid, mineral, can promote digest absorb, sleep peacefully undisturbedly, increase airframe strength, honey contains all nutrition part in vegetable almost. Drink everyday in winter on 3, 4 spoon honey, complement already nutrition, the beneficial in filling again is angry.

1, prepare raw material: 600g of 100g of 100g of walnutmeat 200g, big almond, red jujube 400g, currant, honey

2, 400g big jujube goes the nucleus is added just arrived the water of jujube flesh half, the lid lasts conflagration of velar microwave oven 5 minutes, take out add an in part again water gets jujube paste 5 minutes again, because be to do honey to cream,do not want skin of take out jujube so

3, black sesame seed, walnutmeat, big almond is divided second put into arrange machine to break into pieces

4, hit jujube paste to follow currant finally

5, nutlet expects mud divides currant of one layer, jujube paste one layer layer outfit eats pot in, join all honey to mix finally divide evenly

6, rush to do tea to drink with boiled water first-rate drink, the congee appearance ~ that encountered hot water to become white eats sweeter ~ directly

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